Lovely Lilac

Lovely Lilac | Event and floral designer Tara Guérard Soirée constructed this fresh-hued table lush in lavender for a whimsical bride

The look: “Our table was flirty and fun,” says Tara, who paired textures, patterns, and hues for a bold but soft summery statement. Inspired by a fringed French pillow, she thought edging the custom tablecloth, floral platforms, napkins, and more in the trim was a clever way to get an old-school feel. Pale lavender anchored—and tempered—the various elements.

The florals: “I wanted the flowers to feel like a summer garden,” says Tara, “all tone-on-tone in lilac and lavender but with different textures and shapes.” She grouped clematis, lilac, spray roses, and tulips in silver vessels that she had powder-coated in white. Tara also suspended three platforms over the table in lieu of a chandelier.

The details: Small boxes of Kimberly Glenn’s cheese “straws” were wrapped in tablecloth remnants and tied with pale lilac ribbon. More remnants were used for the embroidered table number, which was simply tied onto the back of a Lane chair (designed by Tara). Place card napkins (below) stitched with guest names could be given as favors.

How to do it yourself

Table Number: “We actually used a piece of wide linen fabric actually left over from having the table linen made,” says Tara Guérard. “We cut the edges with pinking shears so it wouldn't fray, then embroidered the table number in a tonal shade onto the linen (approximately 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide). Afterward, we tied the linen across the back of the chair with the number facing out so guests could find it easily.”

Floating Flower Arrangements: “This is such an easy project,” says Tara. “We cut quarter-inch plywood into 1.5 by 1.5 foot platforms. Then we edged the plywood in wood trim. We painted each ‘box’ a soft lavender, then wrapped the edges in satin ribbon and fringe material. After that, we stapled twine to the bottom of the boxes to hang them at the desired height, then placed vessels of flowers atop them.” Tip: Plant the flowers in floral foam instead of plain water, which is more apt to spill.

Napkin-Place Cards: “In lieu of a traditional paper place card,” says Tara, “we embroidered hemstitch linen napkins with each guest’s name in the same lavender color of the linen, directly above the seam. We sewed the same fringe used on the boxes to the napkins for a fun detail.”

Gift Box: “We lined the inside of metal tins in a lilac colored paper,” says Tara. “Then, using pinking shears, we cut strips of the striped fabric and wrapped it around the boxes, securing those with double-sided tape. Then we tied a piece of satin ribbon over the striped material and placed on a tray painted in the same lavender color as the hanging flower boxes.”


Chairs from Snyder Event Rentals; Rug from IKEA; silver glasses and china from Vieuxtemps; linens, vessels, and silver place settings from Tara Guérard Soirée; striped fabric from GDC Home; candlesticks from Creative Candles; stemless glassware from Williams-Sonoma. Shot on location at stems.