Martha Stewart

March 2018
Pressing flowers came into fashion in 18th century Charleston. Today, it’s thriving again thanks wedding bouquets

March 2018
A Charleston “letter artist” takes modern calligraphy to a whole new level that brides (and celebs) adore

February 2017
Locally crafted garden umbrellas offer your guests respite from the spring sun (and bespoke style)

June 2016
The city’s best rings brim with colorful stones, surprise gems, warm golds, and artisanal touches

October 2015
<p>Here's how our cool-weather brides keep warm (and in style)</p>

February 2014
Homespun and handmade details decorate this Big Day at the Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation

September 2012
The printing mavens from Charleston's Sideshow Press open their online boutique

November 2009
Introduce your Charleston “I dos” with inspired stationery made by one of the area’s own