The Cush Life

The Cush Life | Add locally made bespoke style to your Big Day (and newlywed nest) with Motif Pillows

When West Ashley resident Priscilla Bramlett got hitched in 2010, she found herself facing a design dilemma: while she was head over heels for her new hubby, Steven, she was less than enamored with the fire engine red couch that had accompanied him into their newlywed nest. “Our lives were flung together,” says Priscilla, “and we needed to find things that represented both our styles.” A longtime seamstress with degrees in fashion and interior merchandising, she hunkered down at her sewing machine to stitch up some pillows to meet in the middle (and temper said sofa).

That project proved a success—so much so that in 2012 the couple launched Motif Pillows, an online shop and Etsy boutique that sells couture pillow covers ranging from soft-hued velvet stunners to others with colorful Moroccan prints, bold graphics, and more (typically $35-$200 each). The local shop’s been praised by the likes of Redbook and House & Garden magazines and is a go-to for interior designers across the country and beyond, along with set producers for shows like “The View.” “Our pillows were propped behind Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg!” gushes Priscilla. “It was surreal.”

Local wedding planners and brides are in the know, too, and have worked Motif designs into many a cozy reception lounge. While one-off pillows can be purchased through Etsy, event designers also commission one-of-a-kinders to rent to couples as Big Day décor. And many newlyweds opt to buy the pillows after the fact—a smart move, says Priscilla. “Any token that brings you back to the romance, love, and friends and family being there to celebrate all of that with you is so important.”


Suite Idea
Build wedding­ details around a fabric suite, then reuse décor (like the pillows pictured above) at home. Above, from left, “Chenoceau” from Schumacher; “La Fiorenta” from Lee Jofa. Photograph by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs