Bigger Is Better

Bigger Is Better | Leigh Webber's macro shots of flowers make great wedding party gifts

When Leigh Webber moved her wedding and portrait photography studio next door to stems florist at Coming and Cannon streets, she found herself distracted by the blooms that filled her neighbor’s space. On a lark, Leigh, who has long had a keen eye for capturing wedding tabletop and décor details, began snapping shots of flowers with a macro lens and posted the images on her website. 


When a fan base blossomed, Leigh began selling the shots in a nine-print series aptly named Stems via “It’s quite a 180 from the fast-paced style of photographing a wedding,” says Leigh, whose work has appeared everywhere from bridal magazines to Outside. “For side projects such as this, I’m drawn to taking very peaceful, ‘slow’ images. It’s meditative—I love getting lost in each individual flower.” 


Cropped into chic circles and smartly printed in squares, each bursts with color and texture and is available in a range of sizes and formats, from a nine-by-nine-inch print (at $25, an oh-so-affordable attendant gift) to a 30-by-30-inch acrylic framed version (at $650, ripe for a registry list, no?). Hung solo or grouped en masse, they’ll keep blooming long after you’ve said “I do.”

Purchase prints via or For details, call (843) 697-0376. Custom requests are welcome but require a one-month turnaround.