Earthly Delights

Earthly Delights | Megan Sones & Marty Clapton; June 17, 2006, Mingo Point, Kiawah Island Resort

For her June nuptials to Boston-bred Marty Clapton, Mississippi native Megan Sones wanted to capture the rustic elegance of Kiawah’s Mingo Point. “We’re pretty casual people,” says Megan, “so even though we wanted a formal element to the wedding, we mostly wanted to capitalize on the natural environment at Kiawah. Just because you want something to be elegant doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy.” With the help of Tara Guérard and the Soirée staff, the bride, now finishing her master’s degree in clinical psychology, and the groom, a hockey player for the Stingrays, achieved the perfect balance of relaxed sophistication. Using a palette of mossy greens and golden yellows borrowed from the marsh, the day took on a refined yet fresh and spontaneous effect with elements like daisies, burlap and seagrass accents, and, of course, the unmistakable afternoon light. As a nod to Megan’s heritage, Soirée also included deep South details (with a creative twist) in the menu, from the signature “teatini” cocktail infused with sweet tea to tempura okra for snacking. Along with the laid-back elegance and Southern flair the couple desired for their big day, they wanted a sincere and heartfelt affair. “Aside from wanting everyone to have a great time, it was important to Marty and me that every detail of the wedding be meaningful, and they were.”