Top 10 Beat-the-Heat Beauty Finds

Top 10 Beat-the-Heat Beauty Finds | We asked the Lowcountry’s top hair and makeup professionals what products they carry in their bag of tricks that can withstand the heat and humidity. For a gorgeous glow and polished locks, check out their top picks. Bonus? The majority of the products are Charleston brands with enthusiastic national followings. Stock up with these tried-and-true besties and you've got your own glam squad
Facial Serummore_vert
closeFacial Serum

Yes, rejuvenating oils for your face are a must. And Charleston-based Maya Chia’s “The Super Couple” ($86) reigns in the category nationally; even named it as one “that will change your life.” After cleansing your face, apply several drops in the morning and evening before moisturizing. Image by Sarah Westmoreland


Apply primers to your face, eyelids, and lips to help overlaying makeup set in summer’s heat. Try ABP Makeup’s “Lip Preppy” lip sheer ($24). Image by Sarah Westmoreland


RMS Beauty’s “Un Cover-up” ($36 each) concealer-foundation has long-lasting staying power and shades for myriad skin tones. Image by Sarah Westmoreland

Lip-Cheek Stains & Creamsmore_vert
closeLip-Cheek Stains & Creams

The crews at Colur Studios and Updos for I Dos are fans of RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek pots ($36 each). Ranging from sheers to stains, the two-in-one creams have staying power no matter the temps. Image by Sarah Westmoreland

Liquid Highlightermore_vert
closeLiquid Highlighter

Consider Maya Chia’s Highlight of the Day Illuminating Serum as bridal glow in a bottle. Mix “Afternoon Delight” ($42 each) with your moisturizer for a warm look. Image by Sarah Westmoreland

Cream Luminizermore_vert
closeCream Luminizer

Dab RMS Beauty Luminizer in Rose Champagne ($38) on cheekbones for “a soft, dewy finish,” says Blair Mathis of Ooh! BeautifulImage by Sarah Westmoreland

Eye Polishmore_vert
closeEye Polish

Part eye cream and part illuminating eye shadow, RMS Beauty’s Eye Polishes ($28 each) don’t crease and can also be used to contour or add shimmer to lips and cheeks. Nine shades available. Image by Sarah Westmoreland

Anti-Humidity Hair Spraymore_vert
closeAnti-Humidity Hair Spray

Across the board, pros picked Oribe products for their long-lasting, light but powerful sprays to give texture and hold to styles in everything shy of a rain storm. Best bets? Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($22-$46) and Oribe Super Fine Hairspray ($22-$38). Image by Sarah Westmoreland

Dry Shampoomore_vert
closeDry Shampoo

Kacie Faulling of Lashes and Lace says that R+Co. Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($17-$30) is a true must-have, especially in the summer. The shampoo gives volume to hair, and gives the texture needed for slippery, clean hair to be worked into braids and updo’s. Find it locally at shops like Lashes and LaceImage by Sarah Westmoreland


Pack blotting papers (like these boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, $10 each) in your wedding weekend clutch to absorb the extra oil that inevitably appears on every skin type during summer in the South. Available locally at Sephora. Image by Sarah Westmoreland