7 Beauty Musts for Mothers of the Bride (or Groom!)

7 Beauty Musts for Mothers of the Bride (or Groom!) | Show off that gorgeous self of yours with these do's and don'ts
Whether you’re walking down the aisle this summer as a Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, or even as a mature bride yourself, the tips, tricks, and arsenal of product options have have to put your best face forward never been better. Here’s what Charleston pros recommend to look your best, no matter how many happy tears come your way on the wedding weekend. 
DO Use a facial serum under your moisturizer. It nourishes and hydrates the skin in the most efficient, healthy way possible. Consider it a fountain of youth boost. 
DON’T Get an airbrush foundation treatment. It tends to settle into wrinkles and pores.
DO Use a pore-filler and primer before applying makeup. Primers and pore-fillers diminish the look of large pores and prevents makeup from settling into fine lines.
DO Gently buff on cream and liquid foundations. 
DON’T Brush on powder concealer, blush, or eye shadow. Powders can crease, amplify lines, and are not as long-lasting as stains and creams. The exception? Translucent setting powders.
DO Avoid excessive shimmer or glitter. Sparkles have a way of settling into lines.  
DO Choose a waterproof mascara. Our bets are on you tearing up at some point, so go with a pick that can stand up to your emotions. 
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