Say Cheese!

Say Cheese! | Pump up the fun with one of the area’s most sassy, silly, and stylish photo booths

Charlotte Elizabeth’s Elizabooth
Cool feature: The photographer coaches guests into creative poses, so you score professional-quality pics full of fun.
Props: Wigs and hats rule, plus the booth can be customized by the couple or with pretty pennant garlands from Charlotte Elizabeth Price: $1,100/four hours
Contact: (843) 754-8235,

Tasty Image: Chocolate Photo Booth
Cool feature: Photographs print (within five minutes) in edible ink on milk or dark chocolate lollipops and guests leave with personalized chocolate lollipop favors.  
Props: Bring your own. But whatever, you leave with your face on a piece of candy!
Price: $1,700/four hours
Contact: (843) 654-9194,

FingerSnappin’ Entertainment: Photowall
Cool feature: It’s a 1940s-styled living room scene. Guests poke their heads through framed cutouts for shots.
Props: Kanye West-style sunglasses, elf (yes, elf) hats, and much more
Price: $1,000/four hours
Contact: (843) 345-1919,

Carmen Ash Photography: Coast Photo Booth
Cool feature: The freestanding white booth blends with posh receptions, and photostrips are ready in seconds.  
Props: Vintage bowlers, sunglasses, and more scavenged from second-hand shops. Special requests are welcome. (Innovative Carmen once made a life-size cutout of a bride’s brother who was deployed and couldn’t make the wedding.)
Price: $750/four hours
Contact: (843) 718-2432,

OtherBrother Entertainment: SwaggerShots Photo booth
Cool feature: Its open layout means up to a dozen guests can pile into a frame at once.
Props: Phantom of the Opera masks, snorkel gear, dreadlocked wigs, and more
Price: $695-$995/four hours
Contact: (843) 225-5621,

Smile Lounge Photo Booth Charleston
Cool feature: The booth is a swirling, white sculpture-like partition, so it accents any reception space.
Props: Mustaches and lips-on-sticks, oversized glasses, feather boas, and Mardi Gras masks  
Price: $1,195/four hours
Contact: (843) 367-0678,

Charleston Party Booth: Volkswagen Bus booth
Cool feature: It’s housed in a 1974 Volkswagen bus, for crying out loud! Also, it’s large enough to hold up to six guests at once.
Props: Hats, mustaches, and quirky signs (“I’m sexy and I know it,” for instance). You can also decorate the interior to suit your reception.
Price: $920-$1,320/four hours
Contact: (843) 810-2979,


Cool Feature: A green-screen lets you import photo backdrops.

Props: chalkboards, speech bubble signs (“Who invited this guy?”), pom-poms, and themed options to suit your photo backdrop

Price: $950/four hours

Contact: (843) 606-5260,


Cool Featue: An open-air photo kiosk with a 42-inch touchscreen, TapSnap prints, emails, and upload photos to social media in real time, so pics from the Big Day are posted in seconds. 

Props: A touchscreen lets you adorn photos with captions, digital props (like Hogwart’s sorting hat, à la Harry Potter), and backgrounds (Mount Everest, anyone?)

Price: $950 for four hours

Contact: (843) 900-0527,

Charleston Photobooths

Cool Feature: Unlimited printouts mean everyone leaves with a personalized favor.

Props: viking hats, neon-hued afros, and myriad boas
Price: $499/four hours

Contact: (843) 227-1350,


Photographs courtesy of the vendors & (Smile Lounge) by Jen O’Sullivan