Chalk it Up

Chalk it Up | Dress your reception with chalk art and sayings

Declarations make sense at weddings—you’re announcing to the whole wide world your intent to live happily ever after together, after all. But lately Charleston couples are making all sorts of extra proclamations at their weddings via chalked verbiage. Call it yet another Pinterest phenom or one more influence of Instagram, but whatever the case, just make sure it’s artful.

While most wedding signage tends toward favorite quotes and adages, some of the material is functional—we’ve seen chalked mirrors and boards outlining wedding parties, programs, menus, and even seating charts. It’s a great eco-friendly money-saver and leaves you with a lovely keepsake for your home, too. Decorative quotes make great house décor, too.

For tons of samples that will inspire you, see our Pinterest board.

And here are some of our favorite local pros who craft the best boards in town. We found many of them through the weddings we feature, but another great bet? Keep an eye out in area restaurants for killer signage. When you spot chalk art that you love, ask the managers who the artist was and contact them for your own celebrations.


The Charleston Chalk Chick: (843) 557-5551; Facebook (Charleston Chalk Chick)

Blue Glass Design: (843) 822-6824;

Jill Christy: (603) 547-5695;

Katie Gandy:

Salt & Light Designs: Etsy (saltandlightdesigns)

Elizabeth Porcher Jones:


Chalk illustration by Charleston Chalk Chick