Votive Lanterns

Votive Lanterns | Top any plain votive with lovely little shades like these, designed by Perla Anne stationery's Stacey Bradley, and you’ll add a touch of sweet style to any wedding party

download the instructions (adobe pdf) You will need: Medium-stock art or craft paper Votives Glass votive holders Pencil T-square or ruler Exacto knife Self-adhesive board Paper scorer (for folding paper) Double-sided paper adhesive 1. First choose your shade material. Stacey opted for “Bubbles” in pink and cocoa from her Wallpaper line—perfect for a ladies luncheon—and says that you can choose colors from your wedding as a theme. Because her votive holders are two inches tall, Stacey measured out 3 1/2 by 7 1/2-inch strips of paper. If your votive holders are taller, allow about an inch more in width for every inch increase in height. 2. While Stacey uses an Exacto knife, you can substitute a box cutter to cut out paper strips. Make sure that you work atop a protective surface, like a self-adhesive board, matboard, or even a smooth wooden cutting board. Protect your fingers and ensure straight lines by cutting along the edge of a T-square or ruler. 3. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, using a paper scorer for a crisp edge (a wooden spoon can also work). Open the strip to its full size, and place it pattern-face down on your work surface. Fold lengthwise edges one inch up to create a trifold. 4. At half-inch intervals along the inch-fold lines, mark the blank side of your strip for slits. 5. Cut along the penciled lines. 6. Run a line of adhesive along the outermost edge of the blank side of your strip. Make a cuff of the shade, sealing the two ends of paper together, one atop the other. When dry, press down to create diamond silhouette and slip over lit candle in glass votive holder. Make sure flames cannot touch paper. download the instructions (adobe pdf)