Lip Service

Lip Service | Tips on the achieving the most kissable lips.
“You may now kiss the bride.” These words have sounded in countless women’s wedding-day dreams. But now that the moment at the altar is fast approaching, they may have become something of a nightmare! Have no fear: Makeup artist Andrew Peterson of Trish McEvoy at Charleston’s Saks Fifth Avenue has some great tips for flawlessly kissable lips. Pucker Up
  • Begin with a smooth, hydrated surface. “Two nights prior, dip a clean mascara wand into your facial moisturizer and gently scrub your lips, removing any dry or flaky skin,” says Andrew.
  • After washing, apply a lip moisturizer containing shea butter and vitamin E. “This ensures that when you wake on the morning of your big day, your lips will be supple and prepped for the perfect pout,” he suggests.
  • Before lining your lips, start by adding a neutral primer to and around the lips. “Always use a liner that matches the shade of your lips so that, as the color wears off, you aren’t left with a line,” Andrew advises. Follow the natural shape of your lips, then color in the lines completely.
  • Take a lip brush and fill in your lips with your chosen color. Make sure to press a tissue over the lips, then reapply the color and blot any excess once again.
  • Andrew’s favorite part of the process entails revisiting your lips with liner to define and shape them perfectly. “Focus on the corners of the mouth and the Cupid’s bow of the upper lip for a sexier look,” he says. “And spice it up with a touch of shimmer gloss on the center of your lower lip.”
  • For the finale, trace the edges of your lined lips with a powder-dipped brush. “This keeps lipstick from bleeding, covers any mistakes, and frames the shape of your perfect lips.”
Luscious Lip Dos & Do nots
  • Do go with pink: “It’s feminine, elegant, and romantic,” says Andrew. And every bride out there, from the most natural to the most glamorous, has a “perfect pink.” (It photographs well, too.)
  • Don’t choose a darker color if you have small lips. Brighter shades make for a fuller-looking pout.
  • Do get the products from your makeup artist so you can touch up throughout the day.
  • Don’t be daring! You’ll be looking at these photographs for a long time.
  • Do keep it simple. Your hubby-to-be wants to kiss you, not your lipstick.
Products for the Perfect Pout:
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  2. Powder brush by Fresh; $58.50 at Stella Nova
  3. La Bella Donna Naturale Therapy liner in “Red Brown;” $20 at Urban Nirvana
  4. Trish McEvoy Glaze Lip Color in “Pretty Pink;” $21 at Saks Fifth Avenue
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Lip Service Tools

Photographs by Shannon Cunningham and Courtney Jo Schoenbaechler