Check Out This Coat Check

Check Out This Coat Check | A primp palace and coat check tent for your wedding? But of course! Yoj Events shows how

Sailcloth tents are all the rage these days, and we’ve caught the fever, too. There’s just something about their sweeping rooflines, the way canvas glows when lit after dusk hits, and the size options are plain plentiful.


So when we photographed a recent fashion shoot at McLeod Plantation Historic Site, we went to Yoj Events and asked them if they could create something special on the grounds. Since the story was all about layers and textures, they came up with the loveliest of ideas: a coat check tent and primp palace. Brilliant! Here are some takeaway ideas for your own such bit of heaven.



Takeaway Tips

Make it multi-use. This could be a great spot for the bride to dress and prep before guests arrive on site; thereafter, it can be both a place for hanging coats and wraps and a touchup station where ladies don’t have to wait in powder room lines to primp. If you’re interested (and love camping), and if the site permits, you could even make this into a honeymoon suite. 

Consider flooring. Rain, everyday moisture, insects, and uneven ground really take the luxe factor down a few notches. This tent’s custom hardwood floor makes “camping” glamping.

Include antique décor elements. Candice Hilse of Yoj Events used a mix of personal appointments from her home and rentals stash to give the setting a cozy, permanent feel.

Add swag. For color, to soften, and to perhaps cover non-canvas siding, consider swagging the inside of the tent with colorful linens, saris, and more. Cushy floor pillows can be used in place of chairs, too. Remember fresh flowers. Dressing ancillary spaces with arrangements connects them with the main reception areas and finishes the look overall.

Consider lighting. Be wary of flames in tents and place lanterns outside leading up to tents. Inside, stick to electric or battery operated options.

Vendor List:
Photographs: Corbin Gurkin, 
Clothing: pulled by Lindsey Nowak,
Décor: Yoj Events,
Florals, greenery: Sara York Grimshaw Designs,
Venue: McLeod Plantation Historic Site,
Tent, flooring: Snyder Events,



For a list of the clothing items, please click here and read below the vendor list at the bottom of the page.