Love Everlasting

Love Everlasting | Preserve your bridal bouquet with a portrait by one of Charleston’s rising stars
Ever since she can remember, art has been the center of Kate Mullin Williford’s (@katemullinart, world. In college, after participating in a group show teeming with florals, she knew she’d found her muse. “The shape and textures of flowers are all unique,” she says. “I love studying each petal.”
After graduation, she moved to Charleston, managed a Broad Street gallery, and rubbed elbows with other up-and-comers while renting studio space in Redux Contemporary Art Center. In August 2017, she had her first solo exhibition (fittingly paired with a floral workshop by Branch Design Studio).
Today, Kate paints full-time from a studio in Shem Creek. And while the bulk of her work (mostly florals, animals, and houses that fall in the $400-$2,600 range) stems from her own pet projects, she also takes commissions, like bridal bouquet “portraits.” Working from wedding photos or even a trip to see a client’s bouquet in the making, Kate embraces the encaustic style of painting that melds hot wax and paint together for a 3D look. Known for bold, funky colors and representations that tow the line between abstractism and realism, her creations pop off the canvas with feminine strength and verve—just the thing for a bride’s Big Day memento. 

Photograph & artwork by Kate Mullin Williford