Sweet Jewelry!

Sweet Jewelry! | Treat your wedding party to gifts inspired by Charleston tradition

Thank you, Sweet Charleston Designs and partners Angie Buxton and Janie Manning, for tapping into the rich history of sweetgrass basketry—a 300-year-old Gullah weaving tradition with African roots—to design silver and gold bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, and rings that mimic basket patterns. Why the kudos? The results are perfect for Lowcountry wedding accessories.

“Our challenge has been to work with the metals in a way that represents the beauty of a coiled basket pattern,” Janie explains. They hit upon that beauty when Angie’s concepts came to life at the hands of metalsmiths located throughout the country; after that, the company focused on giving back.

Partnering with the Beaufort County Open Land Trust, they donate proceeds from select pieces to help with coastal conservation. Together both groups hope to make natural resources—including basket essentials such as sweetgrass, bulrush, long-needle pine, and palmetto—more prevalent and available for weavers.

Jewelry with symbolic and literal connections to the area? Sounds like the ideal gift for local couples—and their wedding parties.

Prices range from $150-$2,000. For more information, call (919) 803-2759 or visit www.SweetCharlestonDesigns.com

Photographs (2) courtesy of Sweet Charleston Designs