Lady of the House

Lady of the House | Charleston’s storied Drayton Hall stars alongside the latest bridal gowns and wedding looks
The crown jewel manor of the Lowcountry, historic Drayton Hall, has long been the backdrop of knockout bridal portraits. The majestic home, built in 1738—the same year Marie Antoinette was born—boasts stunning architecture, sweeping views of the Ashley River and giant live oaks, and innumerable layers of history.
For almost a decade the site has been closed to weddings (its sprawling riverfront groundsare an archeological goldmine and staging events on its lawns had interfered with preservation efforts); but as of fall 2019, couples are invited to host their Big Days here again, this time on a tucked away field cleared by Drayton’s historians and within both sight of the house and easy walking distance of the parking area.
To celebrate this new chapter, we visited with arms full of gowns and looks to befit any woman ready to rule such a roost. Curious? Enjoy the stylish tour.   
Venue: Drayton Hall
Photographs: Corbin Gurkin
Model: Stephanie Cam through NEXT Models
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