Kit & Caboodle

Kit & Caboodle | Put together your own bag of tricks for day-of emergencies.
It’s your wedding day and nothing can rain on your parade—well, except perhaps an errant hemline or flyaway hair. Have your mom or maid of honor pack an emergency beauty kit to keep you looking picture perfect. Beauty Booty: It’s a given that you’ll need your cosmetics for touch-ups, but don’t forget some other save-the-day essentials. Pack effects like hair spray, bobby pins, Q-Tips, makeup remover, deodorant, tissues, breath freshener, nail files, extra earring backs, eye drops, clear nail polish (a sure-fire fix for stocking runs), and hand lotion. Dress Distress: You’ve planned for perfection, so don’t let a lipstick stain or static cling stand between you and your dream. White chalk will cover almost any blemish on your gown, and anti-static spray can smooth a skirt in seconds. Safety pins, Shout Wipes, a lint roller, double-stick tape, and a mini sewing kit are all good ideas. Health Matters: Everyone knows how stressed a bride can get, but don’t let nerves wreak havoc on your well-being. Along with bottled water to stay hydrated and any specific medication you may be taking, your kit should include Immodium A.D., aspirin or Tylenol, cold/allergy medicine, smelling salts, and antacid tablets.