Forever Young

Forever Young | Find out why these grinning grandparents walked the aisle as their grandkids’ ring bearer and flower girls

Mary Gosselin & Ryan Castle
September 12, 2015
Historic Rice Mill

When Hazel Laski (aka “Gramie”) and Irene Gosselin (“Nana”) arrived at their granddaughter Mary Gosselin’s wedding rehearsal at the Historic Rice Mill downtown, they received a sweet surprise: Mary gifted them cards asking if they would do her the honor of being her flower “girls” when she wed Ryan Castle. “They burst into tears and were happy to join in,” says Mary, adding that Ryan’s grandfather, Edwin Castle (“Grandaddy”), had happily signed on for the role of ring bearer. The next day, the senior trio suited up in floral fineries—a boutonniere for him and corsages for the ladies—and walked down the aisle just before their respective grandchildren exchanged vows. It was a standout moment for everyone from the wedding guests (photos from the day show they were all smiles during the procession) to the attendants themselves (“It was one of the greatest honors of my life,” says Irene—pictured above in blue). Says Mary, who lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with her now-husband: “Gramie actually passed a few months after our wedding, so having her, Nana, and Grandaddy serve in those roles was one of those moments I’ll never forget.”