I Deux

I Deux | <p> Already wed? Celebrate your marriage with a vow renewal ceremony</p>

A vow renewal ceremony is so special because it celebrates where the couple has been, where they are now, and where they want to be,” says Cindy Zingerella of Engaging Events.  When Sonya and Robert, married 20 years, wanted to commemorate the spot of their first kiss (outside the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island), they hired Cindy to create the “wedding” Sonya had always dreamed of. Cindy created a flower-filled setting that framed the couple as they spoke their vows and threw an elegant dinner resplendent in white. Take a look at the details that made the couple’s ceremony twice as nice.


A Do-Over Done Right: 
Cindy’s advice on reaffirming vows

Outside the Lines: A non-traditional ceremony like a renewal allows for creativity. Wish for more color and whimsy this time around? Let your fancy run free.
Be You: Here, more so than your first wedding, you can call the shots. Pick the theme or tone that may not have been possible because of family pressure, finances, or other constraints.
All in the Family: Since your circle has likely expanded, be sure to include loved ones in the ceremony to make it a family affair.
All You Need is Love: Registries for renewals are frowned-upon. On invitations, indicate that gifts are not necessary or ask for charitable donations instead.
Be My Guest: Renewal ceremonies are typically more intimate affairs but can range from a full-scale reception to an intimate family dinner.