Gift Guidelines

Gift Guidelines | Registry advice for the betrothed and their guests
For every wedding invitation envelope stamped and licked, a gift is wrapped for the bride and groom. Registering for gifts ensures that the giddy bride will—hopefully—weep tears of joy over the boxes arriving at her door rather than face the question of what to do with nine toasters. Bonnie Brittain Geer of Brittain’s, known for its fine wedding registry, shares some insight regarding the how-tos of registering. “We try to get to know the bride and groom and their lifestyle so that we can direct them to gifts they will love and use,” she says. Creature of Habit: Keep your way of life in mind when registering to ensure you receive gifts that make it out of the tissue paper more than once. For instance, whether or not you entertain at home has a big impact on what you should put on your list. One, Two, Three: Registering at a few places will allow you to fill all of your newlywed needs; one store may not offer fine china, bedding, and kitchen wares. However, limit the number of registries to just a few—simplicity is a bride’s best friend. Ps & Qs: With your guests in mind, always register for gifts of varying prices. Every guest is different, and so is his or her budget. No Nos: Although guests are likely to bear gifts, it is ungracious to appear to be asking for one: never include registry information on wedding or shower invitations. Make sure to let the host/hostess of the party know all of your registry information as guests may ask them for it. Web Wise: As a 21st-century bride, register with at least one store that has a website. Tech-savvy guests will appreciate the ease by which they can order a gift, and out-of-town guests can see what they are ordering. Out on a Limb: A tip for guests: as a best friend or close family member of the bride or groom, buying a gift not listed on their registry is fine; you know their tastes and may want to get them something unique. Those guests not as close with the couple should stick to the registry—it’s a safe bet.