Blooms on a Budget

Blooms on a Budget | Save bunches with these simple tips
Recycle Choose hardy arrangements for the rehearsal dinner that can be used again at the ceremony. Or move flowers from the church to the reception. Post-pictures use bridesmaids’ bouquets as reception centerpieces. Hold Back Charleston churches are so beautiful, you don’t need a lot of embellishment, agree most in the local wedding industry. So keep it simple; use green potted plants or nothing at all. Forgo Tradition Skip costly add-ons like throwaway tossing bouquets, flower girl hair wreaths, and even corsages for mothers and mothers-in-law. (Try the latter only if both moms won’t be offended.) Do It Yourself Order flowers directly from a local or online wholesaler and have a bouquet-making party instead of a typical bridesmaids’ luncheon.