Bachelorette Weekend Musts

Bachelorette Weekend Musts | We picked the top 12 Charleston Experiences for bachelorettes
What: Taste test three wines at the most stunning “bottle shop” in town. Book dinner after at the parent restaurant (sit at the tall table or the chef’s tables) to continue the party and to try some of their dozens of on-tap beers.
Cost: $30 per person
Duration: One hour
Group size: Up to eight people
Psst! You’ll get 15 percent off any purchases—great for stocking your weekend bar, or as a remembrance of your getaway trip.
What: Explore downtown through the lens of women’s history. Visit homes, shops, and sites where the South’s most influential dames have made their mark—including the spot where America’s first female serial killer was executed.
Cost: $25 per person 
Duration: 90 minutes to two hours
Group Size: Up to 10 people
Psst! Dress ready to walk! Know there are recharging refreshment stops along the way.
What: Candy Shop Vintage is one of the area’s most iconic accessories boutiques. Enjoy a tea party with owner (and vintage epicurean) Deidre Zahl at her Upper King hot spot, where you’ll get tips for exploring the city.
Cost: $55 per person 
Duration: Two Hours
Group Size: Up to 10 people
Psst! Score 15 percent off purchases and leave with a gift bag filled with Charleston tea, a tea cup, and a maps of neighborhood must-sees.
What: Who doesn’t love a good sloth snuggle? Get yours in when you meet Henry and Heather Galvins’ anteater and kinkajou, too. You’ll start with the snugs, then walk the critters outside, hang as they climb trees, and get tons of snaps along the way.
Cost: $39 per person 
Duration: One hour 
Group Size: Up to 14 people
Psst! Groups of 10-plus can schedule a private tour. The price drops for groups of more than 14. Jeans and long sleeves are suggested. 
PLEASE NOTE: At publication time, this experience was temporarily suspended on Airbnb following the .com's review of the Galvins' new website (standard procedure). We've linked directly to in the meantime.
What: Bust a move to everyone from Bey to Britney to the Biebs with Baker Manning’s dance class. She promises to turn your crew into a full-fledged squad. Bonus? The class is mobile so you can get your groove on all over town.
Cost: $40+ per person
Duration: One hour
Group Size: Up to 10 people (can accommodate more)
Psst! Fans of Below Deck, take note: Your dance coach is a show alum. Ahem. Take the class before your bar crawl to own the dance floor. (Mention Charleston Weddings to score a champagne upgrade.)
What: Meet Tia at Brittlebank Park, the most picturesque public dock downtown, to try your hand at crabbing, cast-net throwing, and fishing. And yep, you can take your crabs back to your rental to cook up, too. Lowcountry Boil, anyone?
Cost: $75 per person
Duration: Two-and-a-half hours
Group Size: Up to 10 people
Psst! Tia’s crabbing jaunts are of the most popular Airbnb experiences in Charleston, so fear not if your tribe has a mix of girly girls and sporty spices. She caters to one and all.
Charleston is one big Instagram goldmine. Given that, there are several photographers who offer tours wherein they'll either guide you to the most photogenic corners of downtown and beyond, coach you in getting great shots, and/or snap you and yours all about town. Prices range from $35 to $100 per person. Here are a few of our favorites ... the offerings change often, with new experiences popping up and dropping out, so if you don't find our picks, check out this collection of Charleston experiences for more.  
Liz Duren has been one of the best wedding photographers in town for ages. We love her! She offers several photoshoot tours, so contact her for the best, easiest one for your group. 
We've loved the husband and wife team at DREAMPOP since our editor first ran into them at Hampton Park amid their very own save-the-date photo shoot. We ran those images in print, and now they invite you to tour the town with them.
The name says it all: Laura specializes in super-charming portraits at iconic Charleston locations. Check out her post for oodles of proof positive. 
Since Baker Manning teaches the Beyoncé dance class, too, perhaps she can give you a mini routine to perform as she shoots you on her party-parade of a photoshoot walk downtown? And if you prefer to bike your way around, she's got that option, too.
Looking for some awwwwwww shots? This West Ashley mom knows how to get the best out of everyone. 
If you're looking to get schooled in snapping real-deal images of downtown and portraits, College of Charleston professor Heather Moran's experience does the trick. 


Photographs courtesy of the vendors