Handmade Heirlooms

Handmade Heirlooms | Register for hand-hewn culinary and cocktail tools from one of Charleston’s own makers
When bride-to-be Hillary King tackled a woodworking project for her own Big Day, she had no idea it’d lead to pH reclaimed, her thriving business that turns out dream wooden tools perfect for wedding, bridesmaid, and groomsmen gifts.
When mostly self-taught Hillary King broke into woodworking, friends and family thought she’d lost it. “My first real project was making seven reclaimed farmhouse tables for my wedding reception,” says the local self-employed historic preservationist. “Everyone thought I was a little crazy, but it led to a new passion and eventually a woodworking business—not to mention a gorgeous wedding reception backdrop!”
That carpentry adventure sparked pH reclaimed, her online shop of gorgeous wooden spoons, muddlers, rolling pins, and cutting boards. By upcycling wood she finds at area lumberyards, construction sites, or even curbside, she makes a dent in landfill debris while holding onto local landmarks. “A lot of the wood that I use comes from those charming historic buildings that make Charleston Charleston,” she says. “The items are literally little pieces of the city you can take home.”
Newlyweds-to-be can register for her goods via Etsy (visit Etsy.com/registry, create your registry, and find the pH reclaimed shop), or they can purchase wedding party gifts from Hillary’s site (muddlers and groomsmen are a natural fit). And she creates custom pieces, too. “What better gift is there than something that is useful, beautiful, and meaningful?” she asks.