Pete & Alex | The Cedar Room

To all the single ladies (and gents): Valentine’s Day isn’t only for those already in love. As Alex and Pete’s story proves, it may be the perfect day for a meet-cute. Pennsylvania-born Pete was in Charleston for his first Air Force pilot assignment and North Carolina-born Alex was in town as a College of Charleston student. By happenstance, they both wandered into East Bay Biergarten on February 14 to watch The Winter Olympic Games, but ended up learning way more about each other than who was in line for gold, silver, and bronze. Five years later, on a South American cruise with family, Alex and Pete booked a penguin excursion on The Falkland Islands. For those of you confused at home, this was clever on Pete’s part because: One, Alex has always had a fondness for the cute, tuxedoed birds, and two, it’s said some male penguins offer mates a pebble as something of a come-on (or, through human eyes, like a proposal à la an engagement ring). Surrounded by splendid beaches and magnificent penguins, Pete found the perfect pebble, got down on one knee, and proposed. Alex, who side-hustled her way through school here working on weddings, started planning right away … as in as soon as they got back on board. Though at the time the pair had moved to Alaska, they chose to come back to the city where it all began, and to the The Cedar Room downtown at The Cigar Factory where Alex had once staged the dreamiest of Big Days. To bring their own flair to the Victorian-era factory space with its towering ceilings, massive indoor wooden columns, and bare-brick walls, they chose pops of bright colors and added touches like a Greek bridal dance and ouzo shots to celebrate Alex’s heritage, and pilot and co-pilot bride-and-groom chair signs and saber arch exit in honor of Pete’s service. It appears Cupid got it just right with these two. If there was any question, just listen to how Pete answers when asked his favorite moment of the day: “Smooching my wife!” And Alex’s response? “It was the best smooch ever.”

Photography: Sara Olivia | Venue + Catering: The Cedar RoomMakeup and Hair: The Vow Hair and Makeup | Coordination + Rentals: Ooh Events | Design: Alex Komar | Florals: Out of the Garden | Band: Bizness Suit | Bridal Salon: Hayden Olivia Bridal | Dress Designer: Anne Barge | Photo Booth: Lowcountry Photo Booth | Calligraphy: Jessie Suggs Robinson | Cake: Lizzy Skelton | Trio: Edgewire Music | Transportation: Lowcountry Valet 

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