Wilt Not, Fair Maiden

Wilt Not, Fair Maiden | Don’t sweat high temperatures (or even rainstorms) thanks to these expert waterproofing tips

Heat, humidity, or a summer shower can wreak havoc on your hair and makeup. And we know how common all three conditions are here in the Lowcountry. But you can waterproof (and yes, sweat-proof) the most glamorous look with a little advice from local makeup and hair stylist Ashley Perryman. (She’s the talent behind our model’s great looks starting on page 144.) The secret, says Ashley, is to not overdo anything. Here’s how she suggests you keep it simple:

• Chill Out. Choose a cool, stress-free place to do your hair and makeup. Ashley suggests rinsing your skin with chilled water to prepare it and warns against using a heavy moisturizer during warm months. Instead, try a hydrating gel or light moisturizer or dilute your regular moisturizer with a few drops of water. Massage it into your face and neck, then wait for it to fully absorb.

• Prepare Yourself. Ashley calls makeup primers (a type of moisturizer) “makeup insurance,” as they keep your skin looking fresh and prolong the life of your makeup. Follow it with a light mineral powder—instead of foundation—to even your skin tone and make you picture-perfect. Mineral powders are different from traditional powders, because they are free of artificial ingredients and full of radiant minerals that give you sheer coverage. And rather than dust on more powder as you perspire, use blotting wipes or tissues.

• Glow and Glisten. Next, apply a natural shade of bronzer on your cheeks and T-zone for a healthy, all-over glow and to counteract any redness or splotching. Skip traditional blush, as bronzers do the same trick but more subtly so. To keep lipstick similarly fresh-looking and weatherproof, apply foundation to your lips and then line them with a nude pencil before using your favorite shade of color. Ashley promises this luscious look “will last from the ceremony until your first glass of champagne.”

• Highlight Your Eyes. Waterproof mascara and pencil eyeliner are no-brainer must-haves for the “Big Day.” The more smudge-proof the better, as tearing up hits even the most dry-eyed bride. Also, Ashley recommends simplifying eye shadow by using a crease-resistant powder cream.

• Tame the Mane. Humidity and hair are not a great combo if you’re sporting a fancy ’do, as moisture makes straight hair curly and curly hair unruly. But don’t retaliate by heaping on the goo. When it comes to humidity-battling hair products, Ashley says less is more. Try a gentle hair spray rather than crunchy control, and opt for hair sculpting creams to smooth curls and tame frizz.