Romantic | Event and floral designer Sara York Grimshaw Designs partnered with stationer Dodeline Designs to fashion a romantic tablescape for a small wedding’s head table

The flowers: To give the florals a garden-fresh look, Sara incorporated chamomile, craspedia, parrot tulips, peonies, roses, ranunculus, Veronica, and touches of pink jasmine vine. She varied the bridal bouquet with astilbe, Dusty Miller, and sweet pea. The same slim velvet ribbon used to wrap the bouquet (middle right) also encircled the cameos.

The stationery suite: Sarah Early of Dodeline added unexpected touches of paper like festive banners (opposite page), cameos (designating the bride’s and groom’s chairs, top right), and table number flags (bottom right). For great looks that cost less, she suggests splurging on quality paper and professional graphic design service instead of pricey printing.

Cameo Chair Marker:

  • Two Wooden Oval Plaque (available at Wal-Mart and craft stores)
  • Four Sheets of Craft Paper (two each of the same light and dark, textured or patterned papers)
  • One Spool Velvet Ribbon (the same width as the width of the oval)
  • Craft Glue
  • One Box of Pearl Straight Pins
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Four Yards Wide Satin Ribbon
  • Strong Tape

1) Wrap outer edge of the oval plaque with velvet ribbon, and trim to size. 
2) Dot outer edge with small dots of glue and affix ribbon, velvet side up.  3) Trim pins to ¼” inch long with scissors (or wire cutting part of needle-nose pliers).
4) Hammer in pins around outer edge of plaque, spaced evenly.
5) Find female and male silhouette images online or draw freehand. Trace each onto a separate sheet of light-colored cardstock and cut out.
6) Trace oval plaque onto a textured or interesting patterned paper. Cut out oval, then adhere the paper to the wood with a light layer of glue. Repeat.
7) Adhere one silhouette to each paper-covered plaque.
8) Cut satin ribbon so it can loop the top of a chair and skim the floor surface. Tape silhouette to the ribbon to hang it from the chair.