’Ring It On

’Ring It On | The latest trends are as varied as the stylish women who sport them

Trends Worth Wearing

Yellow Gold: Over the past few decades, yellow gold rings gave way to platinum and white gold ones. But yellow’s back—big-time. Tip? Melt down unwanted yellow gold jewelry for your bands and you’re suddenly an eco-friendly couple.

Vintage: We’re seeing tons of proposals with family rings of late. Whether that’s due to tradition, the economy, or who knows what, if there’s not an heirloom in his or your past, take advantage of the “recycling” trend and shop at one of the city’s antique jewelry shops.

Non-Traditional: Whether it’s a unique pairing of stones and metals, a ring that is fashion-forward, or an artistic band, individuality is in demand. If you don’t find what you crave in-store, check out the city’s custom jewelers to commission a piece.

Delicate: Girly is in, too, with rings bearing hosts of sparkling pavés, intricately twisting bands, and lacey settings. So very Charleston!