Pop-Up Flower Party

Pop-Up Flower Party |

Hire Dani Motley of Salt and Stem (@saltstem_chs; SaltandStemFlowerCo.com) and she’ll load up her ’72 Ford F100 Ranger XLT and head your way with buckets of blooms and whatever else is needed to coach you through crafting floral arrangements—be those bouquets for a DIY wedding or favors for a flower-crown bachelorette party. Follow Salt and Stem on Instagram to find out what public events, markets, and more Dani will visit next (her to-go bundles range from $5-$35). To book her pickup for one heck of a photo op (engagement photos, anyone?), DM Dani. To hear more about her jaunt down the primrose path, read on. 

Charleston Weddings: Where are you from originally?
Dani Doyle: I grew up Christiansburg, Virginia. I went to Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina and played basketball there. When I visited Charleston to playing the CofC, I fell in love with the city. I moved here after graduation and have loved it ever since. (Work and a relationship took me to Raleigh, North Carolina, for a brief period, but my now-husband received a promotion and we were lucky enough to move back here in 2018.
CW: What’s your day job?
DD: I work for a coatings company; I am a project coordinator in its aviation department. 
CW: Walk us through how your wandering flower truck gig came to be.
DD: My father passed away in 2018 and it really made me take account of my life. While I had a good job that I was doing well at, I wanted to see how I could live life with a little more passion. I've always had very structured roles and knew I wanted something to help me explore my creative side. I also wanted something that would help me connect with my fellow Charlestonians. I love this city so much and all of the different people that make it up. I wanted something that would help me dive deeper into this community.
When I came across the concept of a flower truck, I knew I wanted to pursue the idea. My then-boyfriend (and now-husband) and business partner, Mac, was very supportive of the concept from the beginning, so we just went for it. Salt and Stem started in June of 2019 and is constantly changing and growing. While it's not always easy, I am so happy with our progress and the small business we are building.
CW: Have you always been interested in flowers … and trucks?
DD: I have always had fresh flowers in my home and I have always tended to give them as a gift—they add so much life, freshness, and light to any space. I've always loved old vehicles—the smell of oil and dust always makes me reminisce—and my dad had an old Buick and his father had a 1962 F150 that is still with the family. I love driving our old ’72 Ford, “Virginia,” which we use to run Salt and Stem.
CW: What does you offer?
DD: We do pop-ups, private events, and photoshoots. You can use Virginia as a backdrop at weddings or to display favors for your wedding guests. You can also use her for couple’s portraits or for those with the wedding party. As for floral services, we do special occasions from bridal showers to baby showers and everything in between. We also offer local delivery, and weekly or monthly subscription services for residents and corporations. The floral services can be with or without the truck. For bachelorette parties or luncheons we can come with the truck and do a private event. You can use the truck for a photo op to accent your weekend and the group can also make fresh arrangements with flowers “picked” from the back of the Ford. We offer flower-crown and flower arranging workshops, too.
CW: Who are you all perfect for?
DD: Brides who don’t want to DIY but don’t have the budget needed for some of the larger wedding florist in Charleston. Anyone who needs a fresh photo for Instagram. Guys who want to check out a well-done truck restoration … everyone! Also? Flowers may seem like a luxury to some, but I feel they should be accessible to everyone. I want to make sure that I meet you where you are, whether it is on your wedding day or just for a little pick-me-up on a Saturday. 
CW: What’s the price range to book Salt and Stem?
DD: The general range starts at $125.
CW: What happens when you pop up at area markets and elsewhere?
DD: You create your own bouquet or we are happy to help create one with you. Flowers are sold by the stem so you can pick your own bouquet (and price). The average for a bouquet is $15, but I have sold them for as little as $5 up to $35. It's totally up to you! 
CW: Where do you get your flowers? 
DD: We like to carry blooms from Yurihana Farms in Conway and have used Feast and Flora in Meggett in the past. We also use a few local wholesalers.