Great Taste

Great Taste | One of Charleston’s top food-and-wine couples host a rehearsal dinner where local flavors reign supreme

One night in October 2011, four years after Liz Volz and Jeremiah Bacon began dating, Liz noticed their pooch, Dottie, gnawing away at her harness. The trio was enjoying a rare evening at home a mere month after executive chef Jeremiah had opened his buzz-generating restaurant, The Macintosh, on King Street. Wondering what was troubling their dog, Liz asked Jeremiah to take a look, but he begged off the chore. When Liz inspected Dottie, she found a little black box (with a nice big ring inside) tied to her collar. One quick question and a fast reply later, and the couple was on their way to happily ever after.

The announcement unleashed a flurry of planning as the couple prepared to wed the following April. Given that their romance and restaurant were founded here, that Jeremiah grew up on Kiawah Island, and that Texas-born Liz has called Charleston home for 12 years, the Holy City was the clear choice for the affair.

Being a spotlight-shy pair, they settled on the under-the-radar Confederate Home and College for an intimate private ceremony and bigger cocktail party reception. But when it came to the rehearsal dinner, they wanted to welcome close out-of-town friends and family to town with a sit-down meal—and where better than at The Macintosh in the heart of Upper King?

Because weddings tend to lean toward the bride’s visions, Liz planned the rehearsal evening around her husband-to-be’s tastes. That translated to a casual barbecue get-together, where food would be served family-style, and, in addition to roasted pork, the menu would include dishes chef de cuisine Chris Delaney dreamed up from what local fishermen and farmers had to share that very day. The open-air patio out back had been newly finished, so they set up tables in a horseshoe shape with no assigned seating to keep things cozy and informal. The couple’s friend Mal Jones of The Bushels brought pals along to help provide bluegrass tunes, and galvanized tubs were filled with top-of-the line beers.

“It turned out to be the backyard bash we wanted,” says Jeremiah, “but one with really good food.” But, of course.


  • roasted pork shoulder
  • flounder with field pea chowder
  • farro
  • fingerling potatoes
  • Panzanella salad
  • young lettuce salad
  • grilled zucchini and squash

Vendor List

Bar service:The Macintosh ( and The Cocktail Club (
Planner:The couple and Eva Keilty, Wren Culinaire,
Venue and caterer:The Macintosh,