Gimme S'more!

Gimme S'more! | Entertain guests with a gourmet version of the sweet treat

It only seems fitting that a couple who met at camp would find success with a campfire goodie. So it goes for Haypenny Confections founders Danielle and Tanner Loveless. The pair fell for each other one summer at a camp in their native Utah, and afterward spent a good part of their courtship making flavored marshmallows and concocting honey graham crackers from scratch. After their wedding in the Holy City last May, the Lovelesses moved here to begin their marriage and to start a food venture, too.

Haypenny’s reinvention of the classic treat—a graham cracker, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow “sandwich”—begins with homemade scalloped-edged graham cracker discs and includes ’mallows ranging from vanilla to champagne-strawberry, bourbon-praline, Boone Hall Farms’ strawberry, and much more.

Besides selling ready-made kits, Haypenny sets up s’mores bars at events, too. Opt for a staffed bar and fire pit or purchase the fixin’s for a DIY approach. No matter the setup, Danielle says it’s all about interacting. “The social experience of roasting marshmallows is an important part of our company that we want to share with couples,” she says.

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