Get Clean

Get Clean | Is there such a thing as good-for-you makeup? Yep!
You’re on the clean wagon, right? We’re talking about using beauty products that are free of harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic vitamins, GMO, toxins and carcinogens, but full of natural ingredients that promote skin health. Turns out, Charleston’s a little bit of a Mecca for the movement. Check out this roundup of clean beauty brands, bloggers, and boutiques here in the Holy City.
What: National beauty boutique
Named for: the Celtic word for beauty, ailleacht 
Known for: The national beauty and cosmetic chain, famed for their natural products, recently opened a shop on King Street.
What: Wellness blog
Named for: Its founder’s commitment to clean beauty products and wellness
Know for: Clean living maven Jessica Morse shares the kind of chic advice, products, and recipe that even Vogue quotes her picks. 
What: Local makeup salon, spa, and boutique
Named for: its core identity as a makeup and beauty treatment salon 
Known for: Makeovers and Eminence Organics facials; carrying brands like Antonym, Ecobrow, Eminence Organics, Maya Chia, RMS Beauty, and more 
What: Cosmetic and skincare brand
Named for: Chia oil, the “super” ingredient in all the products
Top products: The Highlight of the Day Illuminating Face Serum, The Eye Achiever Multi-Correctional Serum, The Super Couple Ultra Luxe Face Oil Serum
What: Local makeup boutique and makeup artist services
Named for: Its parent company Out of Hand (OOH) 
Known for: iIs makeup artist makeovers for brides and others and offering brands like Jane Iredale, Ilia, Indie Lee, Maya Chia, RMS Beauty, Sapelo, Supergoop, and more 
What: Cosmetic and skincare brand
Named for: Acclaimed international makeup artist and founder Rose-Marie Swift
Top products: Lip2Cheek pots, ‘Un’-Cover-Up concealer, Luminizer creams, Eye Polish creams
What: Local boutique and makeup emporium
Named for: Wildcraft [wīldkraft]: verb. to ethically and responsibly gather herbs, plants, and fungi from the wild.
Known for: Wellness and beauty workshops (think facial cupping and gua sha tutorials) and a well-curated collection of goods and products from the Lowcountry and beyond 
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