Garden Centerpiece

Garden Centerpiece | Make a garden out of your tabletop, like designer Annie Mueller did here, and you—or your guests—can enjoy the greens long after the main event

download the instructions (adobe pdf) You will need: An assortment of herbs and succulent (We used thyme, rosemary, sage, hens and chicks, aeonium, lavender, echinacea, flowering gazanias, various sedums.) An assortment of small pots Terracotta potsherds or small rocks Potting soil Sheet moss Candlesticks Assorted pillar candles Black permanent marker Copper garden labels 1. Determine how many pots and plants you’ll need per table. Annie chose rustic and earthy shades and finishes and varied shapes and sizes. After staging the tabletop setup, she then filled each pot with plants. First step: place potsherds or rocks in the bottom of each pot for drainage. 2. Fill pot two-thirds with potting soil. 3. Choose plants varying in texture, height, and leaf style. Remove from commercial container and gently separate roots to stimulate growth. 4. Place plants in container, pressing firmly at the stem base. Cover with potting soil. 5. Hide exposed soil with sheet moss. 6. Water and place potted plant on the table. Repeat until the centerpiece is formed (see page 53). Add candles. Write table number on copper garden label and place in one potted plant. download the instructions (adobe pdf)