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About Face | Know the ABCs of getting gorgeous for your wedding day.
“As a bride, you’ll want to look like yourself—just the most stunning version of yourself,” says local makeup artist Leslie Moore of Moore Makeup, Inc. Whether you want to go it alone or be made up by an expert, take some tips from this beauty professional and put your best face forward. Advice on Doing Your Own Makeup: Use an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type; it will act as a primer and leave your skin looking radiant. n Choose a foundation with no SPF. (Its main ingredient, titanium dioxide, will make you photograph like a ghost!) n Play up a single feature. If it’s your eyes, choose a rosy flesh-tone lip color. If you love dramatic lips, go subtle on the eyes. Brighter cheek? Opt for a neutral lip color. n Drink plenty of water; well-hydrated skin has a healthy glow, and that’s always in! Questions to Ask a Makeup Artist: If you’re hiring her for the first time, inquire about a portfolio so you can see examples of her style(s). n Does she work on location, i.e. is she coming to you or are you going to her? n Inquire about services and pricing: Per person or hourly? Price for run-throughs? For day-of service for bride? For attendants and mother? Location fee? n Ask for a contract and whether a deposit is due up front. Some Don’t Like It Hot A natural shine is good, but oily skin during the sultry summer days may need some help.
  • Start by using a cleanser made for oily skin to remove any excess oils on the surface.
  • Prep skin with a shine-control moisturizer—those with salicylic acid will help suppress oils.
  • Choose an oil-free foundation and loose powder. Some lines like Smashbox even make a shine-control powder.
  • For touch-ups, use blotting papers without powder. If you’re still too shiny, use a small amount of powder.
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  1. A “tap” of loose face powder helps set a look.
  2. A sweep of powder blush on the apples of your cheeks gives a radiant glow.
  3. Use foundation sparingly and choose one that matches the color of your skin—if it’s too light, you’ll look grey; too dark and you’ll look orange. (Test your foundation by applying a little on your jawbone. If it disappears, it’s a match.)
  4. Pressed powder is great for touch-ups but don’t overdo on oily skin—it may appear cakey.
  5. Always wear a waterproof mascara—black for olive to dark complexions, black/brown for fair.
  6. Use a dab of gloss on your lips. The thicker ones last longer, but beware of blowing veils—they will stick.
  7. Gloss compacts are creamier and don’t require a brush for touch-ups.
  8. For a natural look, use neutral eyeshadow colors.

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