Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman | Who knows the most common beauty quandries brides face better than the hair and makeup artists who primp them into princesses? We asked local artist Ashley Perryman to field brides’ most common questions. Oh, and for a little inspiration, check out Ashley’s work in our fashion feature

Answer: Extensions are definitely worth checking out—just do a trial run before your wedding day.

The Mane Thing
Should I use extensions to make my short hair look long?

Answer: Extensions are definitely worth checking out—just do a trial run before your wedding day. See if your stylist makes his or her own, or if they will add the ready-made variety (like Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves’ line, Hairdo, available at ULTA Beauty). Just be sure to get add-ins made of 100 percent human hair, as synthetic hair can’t take curling or styling (it actually melts when exposed to extreme heat).

Bat those beauties
Should I use false lashes to enhance my eyes?

Answer: Yes! But be careful. Choose natural lashes such as Ardell’s Duralash Natural Lash or InvisiBand Babies (available at Sally Beauty Supply) and make sure your choice enhances your natural lashes but doesn’t look over-the-top. For comfort’s sake, give them a test drive.

Long-lasting lips
What type of lipstick should I use to ensure it lasts through all the hugs and kisses on my Big Day?

Answer: Store-bought long-lasting lipstick tends to be dry and grainy, so try making your own version for the best balance of moisture and pigment. Start by applying a thick layer of foundation to your lips, then lightly powder and line them. Next, apply lipstick followed by a shiny gloss like Smith’s Rosebud Salve (available at Stella Nova). This homespun version of long-lasting lipwear will keep your pout perfect all day long.

Minimal Minerals
If I don’t usually wear makeup, how can I dress up my look without looking overdone?

Answer: Even if you don’t usually wear makeup, it is a good idea to wear a little for photos, but not so much your groom doesn’t recognize you. If you hire a makeup artist, bring magazine clips to give them light-handed ideas. If you’re doing it yourself, a good light-touch mineral-based makeup line like La Bella Donna (available at Elysium Salon in Mount Pleasant) should do the trick.

The Big Cover-up
How can I cover up nerve-related breakouts?

Answer: Treat the breakout instead of just covering it up. But this doesn’t involve minor surgery in your bathroom the eve of your wedding! Rather, cover your index finger with tissue and dab on spot treatment like Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment (available at drugstores), which won’t over-dry skin. Next, use non-irritating cover-up like Shu Uemura Foundation (available at Sephora).

Wax on, Wax off
Should I do anything to my eyebrows before my wedding?

Answer: Given how your brows frame your eyes, it’s a good idea to get tweezed or waxed at least a week before your wedding. But if you have sparse eyebrows, don’t draw them on like a cartoon character. Instead, fill and groom them with Smashbox Brow Tech (available at ULTA Beauty), a part-powder, part-brow pomade kit.