Paper Perfection

Paper Perfection | Meet Stacia Baskin of Paper Swallow Events, whose handmade blooms are taking over the Lowcountry
Like many of us, Stacia Baskin (pictured inset above) fell in love in college. Unlike many of us, she fell for a bouquet of paper roses. It happened when she pitched in to help her best friend make sheet music flowers for the other woman’s senior recital. “I find a lot of joy and satisfaction in taking a flat piece of paper and turning it into a life-like bloom,” says the owner of Paper Swallow Events today.
And her work exudes that joy. With some dozen “paper” weddings lined up for 2019, Stacia’s tapped into thriving niche that makes sense. In fall-winter, many popular fresh blooms are either not readily available or if they are to be had, flying them in costs a pretty penny. (Paper flora also sidesteps the summertime issue of centerpieces wilting in the heat.) And in this age of wedding palettes and styled receptions, sometimes a gal has her heart set on a hue that can’t readily be found in reality. Enter Stacia.
Working from a home studio in North Charleston, Stacia pieces together boutonnieres ($12.50 and up), bridal bouquets ($200 and up), tabletop pieces ($100 and up), single stems beauties, and installation fodder. While most of her efforts are for weddings, the flowers more than suit ancillary events, too. Who wouldn’t want to go to a shower decked out in a divine garden of take-home blooms? Count us in.
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Try your hand at paper gardening. Follow @paperswalloweventsshop for upcoming workshops. Ready-made creations more your speed? Head to Stacia’s Paper Swallow Events Etsy shop. For custom orders, reach out to the artist via her site.