It’s a Guy Thing

It’s a Guy Thing | 8 best-bet barbers for Charleston grooms
Instagram has ingrained in all of us how the (stereo)typical wedding day starts. Gals wake up at the crack of dawn, throw on their matching monogrammed kimonos, and get their glam on. Guys? They roll out of bed at noon, pop a few, and enjoy bro-time out on the green. At least that’s how it’s been for years. Maybe we can blame it on the fact that metrosexuality has been mainstreamed to the point that the label is not even a subcategory of manliness anymore, but that schedule, she is a’changing.
A surplus of men’s grooming services have popped up on the Charleston scene to offer men a chance to have their own glam squad. For those looking for an old-school striped pole kind of experience, there are barber shops aplenty offering group services (and discounted rates) like simple hot shaves, head massages, and classic shoe shining. For those in search of personal pampering, the locally created app Eclipse matches you with a barber in your pre-set price range; book them and they come to you. And, if the man of the hour wants to hole up with his guys and let everyone have a go at getting gussied up, they can hit up a lounge decked out like a man cave just for that purpose. (Think foosball tables, tux-steaming, catered lunch, cigar bars, and flat-screens.) Sound sweet? Check out the options below.
Groom Xan Taylor (above) and pals rented an Airbnb in downtown Charleston and hired his favorite barber to get everyone aisle-ready for his wedding to Jaclyn Bidinger. To find your own mobile, on-call service, download the Eclipse app (@eclipsehaircuts).
Barrelli Barber (843/414-7457; is a one-stop barbershop for all of your grooming and styling needs. Bonus? Customized package options for you and your groomsmen.
The reigning groom’s lounge in Charleston, Haberdash (843/568-3625; is available for booking for up to three hours and includes two staff members. With games, gourmet lunches, spacious dressing rooms, steaming services, and your choice of bar (Bloody Mary, bourbon, or cigar), this is the spot to get off your feet before walking down the aisle.
Download the Eclipse app (@eclipsehaircuts) to book an appointment with barber of your choice, in your price range, and at your convenience. Pro tip: Scroll through stylists’ social media feeds to see who best fits your vibe.
The Art of Shaving Barber Spa (843/628-4625; on King Street offers shaves, haircuts, head shaves, and spa packages. (Word around town is that their Sandalwood After-Shave Balm is like heaven.)
Get a straight-razor shave, shop, and sip your drink of choice at Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon (843/990-9585;
An upscale, appointment-based barber shop specializing in cuts, fades, and old-fashioned straight-blade facials and head shaves, The Barber & Shave Shoppe (843/779-0868; offers services as bundles or individually. Note: Your ring bearer can get in on the action, here, too.
Top of the Line Barbershop’s (843/714-0869) most popular services include haircuts, trims, shaves (with massages and or facials), and … eyebrow arching?
The Barber (843/830-2677; combines a haircut with a happy hour. Try their “Dapper Dan” service, a classic cut and shave.


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