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You’ve booked your digs, but how to make the place feel special? Kay & Co Weekends will go to town with themed banners, balloons, garlands, neon signs, and Instagram backdrops—all of which are recycled or reused, stresses owner Randi Reitz—to get your place looking party-ready. “We’ve been to all the Airbnbs on Spring Street so we know their color schemes,” she says. 
Her team also works with local businesses to make sure your gang has all the essentials: cupcakes from Sugar Bakeshop, cookies from Bullfish Cookie Company, and charcuterie from Chucktown Cheese Boards. They’ll stock the fridge with bubbles, and even groceries upon request. “We’ll have welcome treats and get the Instagram moment ready, so when the bride comes in she feels so special,” says Reitz. 
She founded the company in 2017 with the idea of helping women traveling to Charleston plan their trips, but the demand for decor has driven her to focus solely on decking out Airbnbs. And Reitz has plenty of recs: check the city guide section of the Kay & Co website for making a weekend in Charleston one for the books, including activities, transportation, and rooftop bars. Her best advice? “Plan an evening in, we always hear that was the most fun night,” she says. “And don’t overpack your itinerary. You’re going to be with your best friends, you don’t need to have every second planned down to the wire.”