Jessica Diaz & Casey Council

May 5, 2019
You’re looking at a couple that nearly didn’t happen. After mutual friends brought Jessica and Casey together one Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the two agreed to a first date when they returned home to Washington, D.C. When the fateful night came, Jessica opened the door to a giant teddy bear, so big it hid Casey. She slammed the door shut and begged her roommate to help her get out of the date. “You’ll regret that the rest of your life,” her pal warned. Jessica took a deep breath and opened the door (and her heart) to this “true Southern gentleman through and through,” she says. A few years later, Casey proposed at Jessica’s graduation dinner; the happy couple invited guests to The Historic Rice Mill to join in on their wedding celebration. Psst! Be on the lookout for when we post this wedding on our blog, The Wedding Row.
Image by Brian D Smith Photography