Jennifer Fordyce & Kevin Levy

March 21, 2016


A few months after meeting through mutual pals, Charleston native Jennifer Fordyce and Brooklyn, New York-born Kevin Levy’s relationship transitioned from a caring friendship to a head-over-heels courtship. About a year later, during a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach with Jennifer and her two sons, Kevin planted a glass bottle in the sand during a crisp sunset walk along the sandy shore. Upon hearing the “clink” as it fell among some seashells, Jennifer turned and spotted the bottle, which had a letter rolled up within it. “I opened it up to read it, and he had written his expressed love for me and my children and asked if I would be his wife forever,” says Jennifer, who turned around to find Kevin on bended knee. After breaking into oh-so happy tears, Jennifer answered with a resounding “Yes!” The Charleston residents will exchange vows in May 2017 on Tybee Island, Georgia. 


Photograph courtesy of the couple