Liz Rollison & Josh Tew

April 6, 2015


Greenville, South Carolina, born Liz Rollison and Western North Carolina native Josh Tew’s love story proves that, sometimes, mother really does know best. When Josh began working at Greenville’s Flagship Properties in 2012, a new coworker of his (Liz’s mom) approached him and said, "I think you need to meet my daughter.” Though he was skeptical, when Liz—a student at Stetson University at the time—was home for the holidays a few weeks later and sent Josh a Facebook friend request, he accepted, quickly messaged her, and soon lined up a first date. The pair hit it off and began dating long-distance while Liz finished up school in Florida, and after graduating two years later, Liz accepted a job in Greenville as a development writer for Clemson University—reuniting the pair for good. In April 2015, Liz and Josh headed to Tybee Island, Georgia, for an Easter weekend getaway with Liz’s family. There, standing on the shoreline one evening before dinner, Josh handed Liz an envelop. She opened it to find a wedding invitation for a June 18, 2016, wedding at the French Huguenot Church in Charleston followed by a reception at Boone Hall Plantation. The real kicker? The invitation had their names on it. Confused, Liz looked up to find Josh on bended knee and proposing. After hearing an ecstatic “Yes!” Josh explained that everything on that special invite had already been booked. “I was completely blown away,” says the bride-to-be.  


Image by Aaron & Jillian Photography