Summer Sleek

Summer Sleek | The event design team at WED and photographer-slash-stationer Heather Forsythe joined to make a cocktail-hour or reception lounge area

The florals: Katie fashioned a relaxed but uniform look by mixing and matching white and green nosegay bouquets of Dusty Miller, hydrangea, peonies, spray roses, Star of Bethlehem, and thistle in a mélange of mercury glass vessels. For an earthy-meets-elegant touch, she wrapped the boutonniere in raffia and turquoise ribbon.

The stationery suite: Elements from the wedding program showed up throughout the setting: turquoise was the lounge’s signature color; the program’s banner flag re-appears as a “Marry Me Mai Tai” swizzle; and its signature lettering tops the favor box of petit fours from Twenty Six Divine.  

Swizzle Stick Flags:

  • Computer
  • Craft Paper
  • Printer
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors
  • 1/8-inch Wooden Dowels
  • Non-Toxic Adhesive

Type the name of your drink in two inches of a four-inch-long rectangle in a document. Copy and paste this several times on document.

  1. Print the document on craft paper.
  2. Using a paper cutter, cut the strips out; each should be four-inches long.
  3. Open the flag, placing the printed side down. Spray or affix non-toxic adhesive on the unprinted side, and place the dowel at the now-sticky crease. Press it onto the paper so the paper will cover one end of the dowel. Bring the two sticky sides of the flag together.
  4. Cut a triangle in tip of the flag to give it a forked, banner look.
  5. Roll the flags around your finger to give them a slight curl.