Retro Fit

Retro Fit | Deborah Weyman & John McKinney; September 18, 2004; a Charleston manse

A classic film buff and lover of vintage clothing, Deborah Weyman’s lifelong fondness for the 1950s—instilled by her beloved late grandfather—was a fitting inspiration for the theme of her Charleston wedding to John McKinney. Eschewing the traditional horse-and-carriage customs in favor of this heartfelt expression, Deborah dreamed of a swellegant affair that was nothing short of signature. The bride’s mother, Carol Oropallo, readily admits that Deborah’s ideas stood in sharp contrast to the “flowing engraved invitations” and other prescribed accoutrements she had imagined for her daughter’s day. But Carol gladly assumed her mother-of-the-bride mantle and, with the help of Heather Barrie of Gathering Floral & Event Design, went to work bringing her daughter’s vision of retro-chic sophistication to life. Reviving the decorum and romance of that distinguished decade was, to the couple, the ultimate expression in defining one of life’s great moments, the day’s nonpareil elegance ushering them into their future with the cherished hallmark of the past.