All Tiered Up

All Tiered Up | Who says newlyweds can’t have their crêpe and eat it, too?

Mosey down to the Farmers Market in Marion Square on most Saturday mornings, and you’ll come upon a lengthy line at the Charleston Crêpe Company stand. Thanks to a menu that offers fillings from sun-dried tomatoes and arugula to egg and cheese, it’s no surprise Charlestonians return each week to satisfy their French cravings.

And now, because crêpe lovers tie the knot, too, husband and wife crêpe stand owners Rachel and Jack Byrne have a sensational sweet offering for Big Days that’s caught the attention of everyone from to NBC’s TODAY Show and more. Using an array of skillets to cook up different sized “pan cakes,” they cover crêpes with vanilla or chocolate filling, and continue adding layer after layer until they have a tiered—and tasty—masterpiece. For the finishing touch, they dust the creation with powdered sugar, and voilà!—a crêpe wedding cake is born. “It’s a real departure from the expected,” says Rachel of the end result.

Each cake features 25 made-by-hand crêpes per tier. Starting at $90 for one tier, the cakes can be customized to the season or your taste, making it an easy fit for weddings and showers year-round. “In the spring, we did a lemon crêpe cake inspired by a Nathalie Dupree recipe,” says Rachel, “by adding lemon zest to the batter.” Mmmmm. Sounds like the perfect flavor for  a bridal shower!

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Photograph Courtesy of Charleston Crepe Company