Savannah Greer & Zack Farmer

March 26, 2017

While kisses from happy newlyweds are usually met with glass clinks and cheers, James Island-based couple Savannah Greer and Zack Farmer’s post-ceremony portrait session smooch wasn’t as well received by one batch of onlookers. Indeed, the junior attendants of the wedding party—Zack’s sister, Olivia, six; nephew, Kade, three; and niece, Miah, three—got a little squeamish when photographer Randi Roberts of R. Katheryn Photography suggested the newlyweds seal their photo shoot with a kiss. “The kids started giggling and covering their eyes,” laughs Randi, who prompted the trio to hold the pose for this particular snap. And while the couple’s public display of affection might have been too much for the kiddos (“Kissing boys is gross,” explains Miah), the day did have its highlights. Miah says she loved all the pretty dresses at the wedding (she talks about them to this day, in fact), and Olivia showed off her dress by dancing up a storm with one of Savannah’s bridesmaids during the reception. And as for the bride and groom? “The best part about having the kids at the wedding was knowing that they were making memories,” says Savannah. “I love that it is something that they can look back on one day.”


Image by R. Katheryn Photography