Erica Perez & Logan Henry

August 29, 2015


When asked how she and Logan Henry began dating, Erica Perez says it was love at first sight. Indeed, after the pair locked eyes from across the classroom at Trident Technical College in 2010, Logan came over to chat and later asked Erica for her number. After three successful dates, however, their courtship was put on hold. “We had way too much in common,” Erica explains. “He made me nervous because I thought he was too good to be true!” After a three-year hiatus—during which Logan waited patiently—the couple reunited, and four months after that, moved in together. In August 2015, Logan’s parents traveled to Folly Beach to renew their marriage vows. Inspired by the love-filled affair, following the ceremony—which Erica’s parents attended, as well—Logan asked Erica’s dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage then sped to Summerville to pick up the engagement ring he had stowed away for a later date. Once back on Folly, Logan’s sister, who had been let in on his spontaneous plot, suggested they take a walk to the pier. There—sitting on the same bench overlooking the Atlantic where they had sat on their first date—Logan opened a ring box (well, technically, “broke the box because he tried to open it backward,” laughs Erica) to reveal a diamond stunner. After a joyful “Yes!” from Erica, the couple returned to the beach house where their families were waiting and shared the happy news. They will wed on September 8, 2016, at Castle Ladyhawke in North Carolina.


Image by Sarah Goldman Photography