Vera Wang

January 2012
Fabulous Frocks’ Sarah Black explains how to save stylishly

January 2012
Alyson Knight & Jacob Biles, July 23, 2011, First Scots Presbyterian Church & the Historic Rice Mill Building <br />

January 2012
<p> Flora in bright hues and varied arrangements set the tone for this vibrant event</p>

August 2011
The Duchess of Cambridge set a prim and proper tone for brides everywhere

August 2011
Layers, tiers, and new patterns—oh my! Designers embrace the old-world material in myriad forms for modern looks

August 2011
From champagne to “oatmeal,” blush to rose, soft, warm hues ruled the runways

February 2011
Two local nature lovers proclaim their eternal "I dos" surrounded by earthy and elegant elements

August 2010
Ashley Ward & John Muller, Jr.; November 22, 2009, Boone Hall Plantation

August 2009
Alli Hobbs & Mark Peavy; October 25, 2008, Confederate Women’s Home