One & Only

One & Only | Tijon fragrance lab invites brides and their besties to make it personal with a create-your-own custom perfume experience
Anyone who regularly wears perfume or cologne is most likely married to a signature scent. But the newly opened Tijon fragrance lab (854/222-3829, on King Street takes the notion of an individual perfume to a whole new level by offering create-your-own fragrance experiences, where visitors get to develop their very own signature scent that they can name, bottle, and take home, with the ability to repurchase it again and again. While the shop does have a traditional retail side, selling Charleston-inspired signature scents, the hands-on classes are the focus here. And the applications for bachelorettes and bridal parties are truly beyond the norm. 
While standard class offerings range from a 20-minute introductory session to a three-hour Fragrance 101, a 90-minute custom experience 
is perfect for private parties or a couple’s date night.  “It’s fun for bachelorette or bridal parties,” says co-owner Ben Davis. “Or a bride and groom can come in together and make a signature fragrance to gift to bridesmaids or groomsmen, or can package it in a small vile as a gift for their guests.” 
Launched in July by Ben and friends Meredith Millender and Ellen Rickenbaker, Tijon lets visitors choose from around 300 essential oils to start. The classes guide guests through the art of fragrance curation, discussing top, middle, and base notes and the importance of a diverse formula. “There’s a lot of education,” says Ben, “ but it’s not boring. It’s worked into the class along the way.” Participants get to name and bottle their scent, and the formula is stored in the cloud for future replication at any point. 
And for those who don’t like perfume or are allergic, Ben notes that they also offer lotions and other body products that can be infused with aroma. “Like a good sommelier who can turn someone into a wine drinker,” says Ben, “the educational experience helps participants gain a greater appreciation for the art of creating fragrance. And you come away with a personalized scent that’s entirely unique to you.”  
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A 90-plus minute create-your-own perfume class for bridal and bachelorette parties includes a beautiful take-home bottle with a custom label.