Keep the Ahhh in Spa

Keep the Ahhh in Spa | Mind these tips to make your pre-wedding pampering a dream, not a disaster

Trust us, shoulders so tight they graze your chandelier earrings and a jaw so clenched you’re approaching TMJ is not the look—or feel—you want to sport on your wedding day. So even if you think you can’t spare a moment, force yourself to take a break, no matter how major or minor. Micki Collette, massage therapist at Earthling Day Spa, weighs in with this advice to make sure your detour from Wedding Central adds up to the royal treatment, and not a royal drag.

DO sample spa services well before the week of your wedding, especially if you have sensitive skin. You should have at least tried a treatment once before so you’ll know whether you’ll experience redness, and if so, how long it takes your skin to recover.

DON’T get your brows done right before the wedding day. Plucking or waxing typically leads to some swelling or redness. Give the tender area a few days to rest.

DON’T get an extracting, pore-clearing facial the week before the wedding. Instead, select a gentle one that focuses on cleansing and massage.

DO think about your entire body, not just your face. After all, depending on your dress, your back, chest, and shoulders may be exposed, too. To treat your entire self, Micki suggests deluxe treatments, like Earthling’s Thai Detox Ritual, which includes a scrub, a body mask, a moisturizing steam, and an aromatherapy massage.

DO go pro if you are considering a sunless tan. To avoid staining your dress, make sure the spa technician uses a formula that dries completely and doesn’t rub or sweat off. If you can literally bare it, embrace your natural skin tone instead and find the right shade of white or ivory to enhance it.