Chill Out

Chill Out | Stay calm, cool, and collected at your summer wedding with these great products

In 2011, nearly 1,200 weddings took place in Charleston County between June and August. With temps ranging from 82 to 100 degrees— and 90 percent average humidity—brides found creative ways to stay cool. Here are some of our favorites.

Give Me a Hand
“We’ve seen some beautiful paper fans for summer ceremonies,” says Cindy Zingerella of Engaging Events. To personalize yours, Cindy suggests having a stationer print your wedding program on the fan or, for a decorative touch, she says open, accordion-style wooden fans look gorgeous sitting on ceremony chairs. Plus, guests can keep them as favors. (

Power Tools
Tap into our summer fashion shoot secret: use personal O2 Cool Deluxe Water Misting Fans to stay fresh. We keep them on set to cool our models (and selves), but you can place them around your dance floor on cocktail tables for guests. If you can’t find them in colors that match your wedding décor, spray paint them in white or a neutral hue. (

The Magic of Mist
To lower temps in a large-scale space (like a reception tent) opt for a custom fan outfitting from All-Mist. “Once the dancing begins, our misting fans are lifesavers,” says Madeleine Thomas, who, along with her husband, Chris, started the North Charleston-based company with local nuptials in mind. The misting fans blend into the background, and since you can stand within three feet them without getting wet (we swear), your updos and makeup are safe. (843/864-6478,

Put It on Ice
To really cool things down, bring your own ice to the party. Beyond Expectations creates ice vessels that keep food chilled while giving your whole room an air of frosty elegance. Or aim for the power of suggestion and commission one of their ice sculptures to make your reception look and feel cool. (843/573-0012,