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Real-Life Weddings

Brianna Barker & Evan Gropper, February 18, 2012, Lowndes Grove Plantation

Catherine Dickson & Zack Stergar, November 25, 2011, The Legare Waring House

Sara Jacoby & Dominick Maggio, April 21, 2012, Lowndes Grove Plantation

Chloe Byers & Paul Hotze, December 31, 2011, Lowndes Grove Plantation

Jessica Peterson and Ben Sielen, October 29, 2011, The William Aiken House

Kiften Stephens and William Carroll, October 8, 2011, The Legare Waring House

Benjamin Timpson & Tiffany Lippincott, May 7, 2011, Folly Beach
Marissa Williams & Robert Phipps, September 2, 2011, Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church & The Sand Dunes Club

Tamars Matthews & Jaime Owens, October 16, 2011, The Cassique Clubhouse on Kiawah Island

A North Carolina couple enjoys an elegant celebration steeped in tradition

Kris Welch & Jacob Luhrs, September 16, 2011, The Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation

Two born-and-raised Southerners celebrate their love for the Lowcountry, summertime, and one another

Cindy Boley & John Hamblet, September 24, 2011, Bowens Island Restaurant

Katharine Matthews & Tony Moffat, May 7, 2011, Legare Waring House

For her Big Day, a San Francisco-based bride returns to her Lowcountry roots

Lee Deas & Dave Brown, April 16, 2011, Sugah Cain Plantation

Jessica Alig & Tim McIntosh, May 28, 2011, French Protestant (Huguenot) Church & The Confederate Home

Nikki Bolton & Brad Ellis, July 2, 2011, Legare Waring House

Alyson Knight & Jacob Biles, July 23, 2011, First Scots Presbyterian Church & the Historic Rice Mill Building

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