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Jessica Maggart
Up the hip and homespun factor on your wedding fare with a local food truck

Over the past few years, food trucks have taken over Charleston, offering bites ranging from barbecue to brunch. But did you know the trucks will wheel into your wedding, as well? Take a look at those who cater below; they not only offer great eclectic fare, their low costs and kitsch-cool factor make them the perfect guests to your Big Day bash.

What they offer: Italian sandwiches, gourmet pasta, salads, antipasti, main courses, coffee, and dessert
Perfect for: the couple who thinks meat plus carbs equals bellissimo
Try the: pinot grigio-braised pork sandwich with wilted greens and provolone
Catering rate: $5-12 per person
Contact: (843) 732-0328;

What they offer: non-traditional barbecue (braised in Holy City beer) with Southern sides like hash or collards
Perfect for: weddings with a downhome, backyard feel
Try the: barbecue; jalapeño peppers stuffed with barbecue and wrapped in bacon
Catering rate: $8-12 per person
Contact: (843) 345-9325;

What they offer: doughnuts in a host of flavors along with brunch dishes, and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options
Perfect for: couples with a sweettooth and those wild for breakfast
Try the: mint julep doughnuts; stuffed French toast
Catering rate: $400 for 100 doughnuts; or $400 and up for brunch
Contact: (843) 478-1615;

What they offer: tacos, chips, queso, guacamole, and more made fresh from chiefly local fare
Perfect for: the groom who, at heart, is a taco boy himself
Try the: chorizo taco with a side of chips and roasted tomatillo salsa
Catering rate: $11-16 per person
Contact: (843) 789-3333;

What they offer: unleavened bread filled with Asian, Indian, Caribbean, Latin, and Southern cuisine
Perfect for: the world-beat couple
Try the: roti with curry chicken salad, red grapes, and greens; braised short ribs over rice with kimchi
Catering rates: $10-20 per person for rotis; $20-30 per person for full catering
Contact: (843) 735-9664;

What they offer: high-end, creative cuisine prepared by a Culinary Institute grad with more than 17 years of experience
Perfect for: the couple who wants to add sophisticated flair to their trucked-in meal
Try the: garlic-horseradish encrusted prime rib with Bordelaise
Catering rate: $22-$32 per person
Contact: (843) 817-3663;

What they offer: classic New Orleans-style snoballs (shaved ice) with gourmet syrups
Perfect for: brides and grooms in touch with their inner child
Try the: watermelon variety with homemade simple syrup; spiked adult syrups
Catering rate: $4-10 per person
Contact: (843) 608-8778;